“It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.”Eddie Cantor, Comedian

The Founder of Aligned Business Solutions, Jeffrey Dignard is clearly the heart and soul of this small but rapidly growing enterprise. Dignard infuses the company with twenty years of wisdom and vitality earned in the entrepreneurial trenches of a number of successful businesses.

Clients we have helped:

1. Mountain Valley MD 
Strategic Advisor; Instrumental in raising capital and sourcing Finder Agreements, Aligned Business Solutions provides ongoing expertise in cultivation, project construction and business start-up tactics for this dynamic pharmaceutical biotech company.

2. Cannara Biotech

3. FSD

4. Avicanna Inc. / Sativa S.A.S. Columbia –  International Turn Key Cultivation & Biotechnology Co., Toronto, Ontario
International Consulting Services; Aligned Business Solutions assisted with start up financing, securing Finder Agreements and introduced Avicanna Inc. to the University of Technology in Jamaica and connected the company to expert growers from Columbia. Aligned Business Solutions also assisted in securing collaboration and international strategic alliances with companies in Israel.

5. Beattie’s Distillers  

6. Circadian Wellness 

7. The Concierge Club 

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