Jeffrey Dignard

Awaken. Align. Advance These three powerful words sum up Jeff’s attitude towards life.

His “roll-up-your sleeves and dive in head first” approach to all aspects of life has awakened Jeff’s innate talent and made him an agile and discerning business professional.

Thriving in dynamic and often chaotic environments has developed a deeply ingrained reverence for all of life.  This sense of stewardship is the compass that aligns his relationships and work ethic.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit and keen sense of vision are anchored in practical strategies and tactics.  A big-picture thinker, Jeff recognizes the need for structure to advance true creative vision.  Jeff’s knowledge and expertise is steeped in almost twenty years of hands-on experience in diverse and dynamic markets including the restaurant and entertainment industries, advertising and sales, the development of the medicinal cannabis market and financial investment profiles,

A natural networker, Jeff enjoys connecting like-minded individuals and companies to forge strong alliances that benefit everyone involved.  A loyal friend and family-oriented man, Jeff earns and maintains the trust of his associates and colleagues with ease.

Awakened, Aligned and always Advancing, Jeff’s irresistible charisma, openness and natural integrity invite curiosity and magnetically attracts the resources needed for success.